Extra Large Wood & Soda Fired Narrow Zigzag Vessel, Handbuilt

$300.00 / On Sale

This is the tallest pot I've made, about the length of my torso.

Handbuilt using coils, fired once in the East Creek anagama and then refired in the ChickenCat catenary arch kiln with wood & soda ash.

Approx. 14.25" H x 7.5"W

PLEASE NOTE This is a large & relatively heavy object to ship and would cost more than the standard $15 shipping that's included in the purchase through my website. Local pick up is preferred, but if you need it shipped I will let you know how much extra the shipping will cost once you provide your address, and you can pay the additional shipping via venmo or paypal.

About the firing of this pot:

This vessel was fired twice: once in the anagama, where it had a variety of tan tones mixed with white (the raw clay body, completely untouched by ash), and then in the ChickenCat, which provided tons of ash and soda coverage, with lots of deep blues and "orange peel" texture typical of soda firings.

Not all refires are successful. I've refired pieces up to three times, and interestingly I've had refires look more bleached out than the original firing's surface. It is still as difficult to predict the results of a refire as it is to predict the results from an initial firing. This adds to the satisfaction when a refire turns out just right: part of what keeps us potters hooked on the thrill - and gamble - of atmospheric firing methods.