Dirt & Ceremony is a passion project by Jenna Lee, living and working in Portland, OR.

I am continuously engaged in the challenge that clay presents; of taking soft earth and forming it into a refined, and often geometric, vessel. Working eye-level with my pieces to smooth their surfaces, eliminate unintentional markings and ensure the junctions are precise is a meticulous labor of love which both feeds my need for grounding materiality, and attention to detail.

After deciding that a vessel is ready to fire, it is then surrendered to the volatile and unpredictable nature of an atmospheric firing (wood and/or soda), resulting in a unique dynamic of precision and spontaneity between each form and its surface. A true collaboration with the elements, with nature's role almost always surpassing my expectations of what each vessel can be.

You can follow my work via my Instagram, email me at dirtandceremony@gmail.com, or submit the contact form listed in the site's menu.

At Robbie Lobell's 9-day flameware workshop at Snow Farm Craft, 2018

In the earlier stages of throwing, I use a mirror so I can keep an eye on the form without continuously bending to one side. In the finishing stages, I work eye-level with my pots to ensure the form's profile is as precise as I can make it. 

The East Creek Anagama in Willamina, Oregon, where my work is wood fired. 

Read more about the wood firing process here.