Wood & Soda Fired Carinated Vessel


Inspired by a vessel excavated from Yarim Tepe in northeastern Iran circa 3000-2250 BC. Approx 3"W x 3.25"H.

PLEASE NOTE there is a tiny, superficial crack in the base of this vessel's foot. It does not leak.

This vessel has no exterior glaze: all the coloration you see was created purely by wood & soda ash interacting with the clay body during the course of a wood & soda firing.

It was wood & soda fired in the ChickenCat catenary arch kiln at East Creek in Willamina, Oregon. This kiln days about 3-4 days for both loading & firing, a few more days to cool and then one additional day to unload & clean (clean up includes grinding glaze/glass off the many shelves with an angle grinder, grinding and vaccuming out the kiln floor, etc.)