Wood Fired Puff Vessel with Exterior Cracking


This vessel has a cluster of exterior hairline cracks in one spot, easily visible in the second photo but not very noticable in real life. They are superficial cracks and do not leak. The rest of the surface is brown with a satin sheen, and a glazed crackled interior. It is discounted due to the cracks.

Approx 3.25"W x 3.5"H.

This vessel was fired in the East Creek anagama, a 40' long kiln in Willamina, Oregon. This pot was unglazed on the exterior when it was put into the kiln; the surface colors and textures on this pot are created entirely by molten wood ash traveling through the kiln over the course of 5/6 days and nights, with phases of heating and cooling, which interacts with the clay body and creates the effects you see here. The kiln reach temperatures up to 2800 degrees fahrenheit. This is truly an alchemical process, a collaboration with nature which brings character and uniqueness to every piece. Each result is truly one-of-a-kind.