Large Wood Fired Pedestal Bowl, Second/Discounted

$130.00 / Sold Out

This bowl is the first of its kind for me, and was created using a large wooden bowl from my mom's kitchen as a mold to create the shape. Because of this, it holds a special nostalgia for me. I imagine it being a fruit bowl for your kitchen counter or dining table. It is discounted due to two superficial blemishes (seen in the third photo) where the piece kissed another vessel in the firing.

This vessel was fired in the East Creek anagama, a 40' long kiln in Willamina, Oregon. This pot was glazed before firing, giving it a more luscious feel and some of the visible drips you see on the surface. The surface colors and textures on this pot are created by molten wood ash traveling through the kiln over the course of 5/6 days and nights, with phases of heating and cooling, which interacts with the clay body & glaze and creates the effects you see here. The kiln reach temperatures up to 2800 degrees fahrenheit. This is truly an alchemical process, a collaboration with nature which brings character and uniqueness to every piece. Each result is truly one-of-a-kind.

Approx. 7.25" H x 10" W