Small Wood Fired Zigzag Vessel with Blue Gloss

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This little vessel would be a good bud vase, or could be used on your desk for pencils or any other little things that need organizing - or empty, as a sculptural object.

Approx 3.5”W x 4”H.

This vessel has no exterior glaze: all the coloration you see was created purely by wood ash interacting with the clay body during the course of a wood firing.

It was wood-fired in the East Creek anagama in Willamina, Oregon - a 40' kiln fired entirely with oak and fir. This process involves 2-3 days of loading the kiln, 5-6 days of firing (which requires 24/7 attention from a rotating crew of 3-5+ people, in 8 hour shifts for the entire duration of the firing - both for stoking the kiln, and constantly chopping wood to ensure there is enough to feed the 120+ hour firing), then two weeks of waiting for the kiln to cool, and 1-2 days to unload and clean up (clean up includes grinding glaze/glass off the many shelves with an angle grinder, grinding and vaccuming out the kiln floor, etc). Then the pots are cleaned with a dremmel and/or sandpaper. Some photos of the process can be seen on the "Wood Firing" page of my website.