Pit Fired Puff Vessel


PLEASE NOTE this clay body is porous and cannot hold water.

Approx 3.25"W x 4.25"H.

The patterning and coloration on this surface was created by wrapping the pot in layers of organic trimmings: ferns, grasses, straw, and various leaves, then wrapping it all like a baked potato in aluminium foil.

The foil-and-botanicals-wrapped pot was then put into a pit that looks like a small cave, with many layers of pots, kindling & straw. Then the kindling is set on fire, the wall to the pit was bricked up and we let the fire do its thing. We unload the pit about 2 weeks later, when everything has naturally cooled.

It's always a gamble what type of results you'll get, and even doing the same exact thing to another pot in this firing yielded very different results.

Due to the nature of the firing, a porous clay body was used, so this pot is not water-tight. Use it to hold something dry (plants or whatever else you desire), or kept empty as a sculptural object.